Roadmap for IP Protection at Trade Fairs in Europe


This Roadmap analyses how the different European countries (in particular France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom) have sought opportunities to improve IPR enforcement mechanisms at trade fairs, through traditional civil, criminal and administrative (customs) enforcement mechanisms, and, where necessary, by means of alternative enforcement procedures. It provides an essential overview on how to face the possible risk of infringement when exhibiting during a trade fair in Europe.

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Document type: IP Document
Categories: Trade Fairs
Activity Title: Roadmap for IP Protection
Activity Date: 01 Feb 2009 to 28 Feb 2009
Location: Milan, Italy
Expert / Author / Speaker: Giovanni Casucci, Cassuci Studio Legale, Italy
Related Legislation: Berne Convention, art. 10bis and 10ter of the Paris Convention, Art. 11 of the Paris Convention, Paris Convention, WTO TRIPS Agreement, EC enforcement Directive (Dir.2004/48/EC), art. 7 of the EU Enforcement Directive, art. 129 Italian IP Code
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