Overview, best practices and case studies on criminal IPR enforcement in France and Europe


This presentation gives an in-depth information on the criminal IPR enforcement in France and Europe. It provides an overview, best practices and case studies on criminal IPR enforcement. The paper outlines the advantages and inconveniences of the civil or criminal procedures and lays down the orientation of the criminal policy.

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Document type: IP Document
Categories: Criminal law/procedures
Activity Title: EU-China workshop on criminal IPR enforcement  and transfer of cases
Activity Date: 30 May 2011 to 01 Jun 2011
Location: Haiyang (Yantai), China
Expert / Author / Speaker: Wilfrid Roge, International Institute Against Counterfeit Medicines
Case Law: Cour d'appel Besancon on 2006, "Radioblog" of September 3rd, 2009 by the 31th district court of the TGI of Paris, The Ebay France company case by the The Court of Appeal of Reims, Counterfeit bag of the brand Birkin of the company Hermès, Company Morgan
Related Legislation: Art. 67 of the Code of criminal procedure, Law of January 4th, 1991 ( Articles L 716-9 and L 716-10), Law of February 5th, 1994 (law Longuet), Law Perben II of March 9th, 2004, Law of October 29th, 2007, which transposes the directive n°2004 / 48 / CE 29/04/2004 relative to the respect for intellectual property rights,
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