Council Directive 87/54/EEC of 16 December 1986 on the legal protection of topographies of semiconductor products

This Directive harmonises the basic principles regarding the legal protection of topographies of semiconductor products. It aims to approximate the basic principles of the laws of the EU Member States with provisions specifying whom and what should be protected, the exclusive rights on which protected persons should be able to rely to authorise or prohibit certain acts, exceptions to these rights and for how long the protection should last. Other matters can be decided in accordance with national law, in particular, whether registration or deposit is required as a condition for protection and, subject to an exclusion of licences granted for the sole reason that a certain period of time has elapsed, whether and on what conditions non-voluntary licences may be granted in respect of protected topographies.

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Document type: EU IP Law
Categories: Integrated circuit and layout designs
Making body: Council of the European Union
Law Type: Directive
Effective Start Date: 16 Dec 1986
Access available: Freely available
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