Madrid Agreement for the Repression of False or Deceptive Indications of Source on Goods

The Madrid Agreement obliges the 35 contracting parties to seize or prohibit all goods bearing a false or deceptive indication of source. It provides for the cases and the manner in which seizure may be requested and effected. It prohibits the use, in connection with the sale or display or offering for sale of any goods, of all indications in the nature of publicity capable of deceiving the public as to the source of the goods. It is reserved to the courts of each contracting State to decide what appellations (other than regional appellations concerning the source of products of the vine) do not, on account of their generic character, come within the scope of the Agreement. The Agreement does not provide for the establishment of a Union, any governing body or a budget.

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Document type: EU IP Law
Categories: Geographical Indications
Tags: Indication of Source
Making body: Contracting Parties
Law Type: International Agreement
Effective Start Date: 14 Apr 1891

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