WIPO Copyright Treaty

Adopted on December 20, 1996 at Geneva

Entry into force on March 6, 2002

The WIPO Copyright Treaty is a special agreement under the Berne Convention which obliges the 88 contracting parties to further protect copyright of computer programs and databases. The Treaty mentions two subject matters to be protected by copyright computer programs, whatever may be the mode or form of their expression, and compilations of data or other material (“databases”), in any form, which by reason of the selection or arrangement of their contents constitute intellectual creations. As to the rights of authors, the Treaty deals with three: the right of distribution, the right of rental, and the right of communication to the public. Furthermore, it requires the contracting parties to provide legal remedies against the circumvention of technological measures.

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Document type: EU IP Law
Categories: Copyrights and related rights | Internet related legislation and IP Protection online
Tags: Creative Industries
Making body: Contracting Parties
Law Type: International Agreement
Effective Start Date: 06 Mar 2002

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