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25 August 2016
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IP Files by IP Key- Research made easy 

IP Key is pleased to announce a new section on our website – IP Files. IP Key's IP files help you to find what you are looking for quickly and efficiently and at no cost. Each file contains a cluster of laws, documents, links and event information in both Chinese and English, in one single place for one single IP field.
The first four files launched include a consolidation of laws and regulations as well as documents on: 1. Trade marks in China; 2. Patent Law in China; 3. a list of roadmap publications on specific IP laws and; 4. a listing of international databases to support pre and post registration of trademarks and designs. Please continue to check out the site for new IP Files on copyrights, enforcement, and geographical indications among others to come.  
The IP Files are part of IP Key’s Resource Centre, which provides free online access to a comprehensive bilingual collection of EU and China IP related laws, documents, presentations, roadmaps, studies and cases, written by experts in the EU and China. Visit WWW.IPKEY.ORG/RESOURCES to access the EU and China IP law resource, and the IP information Centre, which are invaluable reference tools for anyone interested in the IP developments of both the EU and China.
We highly encourage academia to use and share the materials within the IP Key resource for wider use. Unless otherwise instructed, contents may be disseminated for non-commercial use, as long as it is attributed to the original source.

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IP Key 知识产权档案-让研究更简单容易

IP Key很高兴地宣布, 知识产权档案这一全新模块已经在网站上线。IP Key知识产权档案旨在帮助用户迅速有效地查找所需资料,且完全免费。每份档案均包含一些列相关的法律条款、文档、链接及互动信息。该档案依照知识产权不同领域设置,提供中英文双语版本。

已经上线的资料包括:1、中国商标相关法律、法规和文件汇编;2、中国专利相关法律、法规和文件汇编; 3、关于具体知识产权法律的指南出版物清单;4、提供支持商标和外观设计注册前与注册后支持的国际数据库名录。本板块将陆续新增版权、知识产权执法、地理标志等方面的资料,请继续关注。

知识产权档案是IP Key资源中心的一个板块。资源中心免费提供一系列中国和欧盟专家完成的中欧知识产权双语资料,包括相关法律、文件、演示文稿、指南、研究和案例。访问WWW.IPKEY.ORG/ZH/RESOURCES即可获得中国和欧盟知识产权法律数据库和信息中心的资料,对于关注中欧知识产权发展的相关人士而言,这些是非常有价值的参考工具。

本项目鼓励学术界使用并分享IP Key所提供的资料,以促进资料的广泛应用。除非另有说明,资料内容可出于非商业用途传播,但务请注明出处。


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