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  • Roadmap for IP Protection at Trade Fairs in Europe

    This Roadmap analyses how the different European countries (in particular France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom) have sought opportunities to improve IPR enforcement mechanisms at trade fairs, through traditional civil,...

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    Trade Fairs

    Best Practices,Preparatory Measures,Strategies

  • Roadmap for Copyright Protection in China

    This publication offers a comprehensive introduction to copyright protection in China. First, it lists which types of works are protected by copyright. Second, it explains how copyright owners can establish their copyright. Third, it includes the ...

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    Copyrights and related rights


  • Roadmap for How to Register and Protect a Community Design

    This roadmap provides a general overview of the Registered Community Design (RCD) system. In particular it analyses the basic concepts, requirements for design protection based on the Community Design Regulation, registration of a Community design...

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    IP Systems,OHIM,Registered Community Design

  • Roadmap for Customs Enforcement in China

    This Roadmap aims to provide information on customs enforcement in China and gives guidance to European and Chinese companies in protecting their IP across borders. The Customs Protection Regulation of China was amended and came into effect on 1 A...

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  • Roadmap for Trademark Protection in China

    This Roadmap deals with the issue of the trademark registration and protection process in China, giving useful advice on how to register and who the responsible authorities are. It also provides an overview on what steps can be taken to enforce tr...

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    Enforcement,Trademark Protection

  • Roadmap for Trade Secrets Protection in Europe

    This Roadmap provides an overview of how trade secrets are protected in the EU. A trade secret is different from other forms of intellectual property, in that its protection requires good will and maintenance. This guide aims to give a general def...

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    Trade secret and unfair competition

    Trade Secrets

  • Roadmap for Trade Secrets Protection in China

    This roadmap considers how trade secrets are protected in China and what measures businesses should take themselves to protect them. Companies doing business in China should be particularly aware of the importance of protecting their trade secrets...

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    Trade secret and unfair competition

    Trade Secrets

  • Roadmap for Patent Protection in China

    The Patent Protection in China issue in the IPR2 series 'Roadmaps for Intellectual Property Protection' has been updated in line with the new Implementing Regulations and Examination Guidelines. The Roadmap provides an overview of the Chin...

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    IP Systems,Patent Law China

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