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Search and Classification: These tools enable users to search the existing trade marks and designs of participating offices and find the right terms for classification. The tools are completely free to use and updated daily. 
IP Services and Quality: These tools help to increase transparency and certainty for users, and aid in standardising and modernising processes in participating IP Offices. 
IP Enforcement and Awareness: These tools support enforcement and business to share information on IP infringements safely and securely, as well as raising IP awareness among small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

International Databases

International Databases

Trade marks of all official trade mark offices which are participating at national, international and EU level.

You can use TMview to:
  • Carry out a trade mark search
  • Check for the availability of your trade mark name
  • Discover what your competitors are protecting
  • Provide information to trade mark examiners
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International Databases

Centralized access point to registered designs information held by any of the participating National Offices.

You can use DesignView to:
  • Check and visualize existing designs across Europe
  • Check market tendencies
  • Obtain easy access to post-registration services in a harmonized way
  • Help users to check the novelty of a design
  • In legal administrative and legal processes, for example, help customs in their procedures, judges in case of conflict between parties
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International Databases

The one-step classification gateway to the Harmonised Database applied in the EU and databases worldwide.

You can use TMclass to:
  • SEARCH TERMS You can search for goods and services descriptions (terms) and find out which class they are in before you apply for trade mark protection.
  • VERIFY LIST OF TERMS You can check if a list of goods and services in a given language appears in the database of a participating trade mark office with the same working language.
  • TRANSLATE TERM For any word/s that you type in, you can find goods and services classification terms that contain that word or words, and the translations for the terms in the EU language of your choice.
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Past events

Location:Alicante, Spain
from 20 Apr 2015 to 21 Apr 2015

Workshop on promotion of TMclass

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Location:Beijing, China
Alicante, Spain
31 Dec 2014

SIPO Accession to Designview

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Location:Shenyang and Harbin, China
from 24 Sep 2014 to 26 Sep 2014

Roving Seminars on European Community Trademark

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Roving Seminars on the Registered Community Design

Location:Haikou, Changsha and Chengdu, China
from 22 Apr 2014 to 29 Apr 2014

Roving Seminars on the Registered Community Design

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