IP Café in partnership with South China University of Technology

  • EU/China: China
  • Region: Guangzhou
  • Subject: Anti-Unfair Competition & Trade Secrets
  • Organised by: Partners
  • Location: Guangzhou, South China University of Technology
  • Date: Jun 2015

  • Professor Xie Huijia, South China University of Technology Law School 谢惠加 华南理工大学法学院 教授,院长助理
  • From left to right: Associate Professor Liu Hanxia, SCUT Law School, Mr. Wang Yan, and Associate Professor Yin Jiguo, SCUT Law School.

The third IP Café was held in partnership with South China University of Technology and focused on Court Enforcement of Trade Secrets and Unfair Competition Law. IP Key and SCUT brought together key experts from the European Union and China, and asked them to provide insights on the judicial protection of trade secrets and anti-unfair competition law in the light of the new scenario of Chinese IP Courts. Comparisons were drawn between EU – in particular Netherlands and Spain – on the one side and China on the other.


  • Edger Frank Brinkman, Senior Judge of The Hague IP Court
  • Angel Galgo Peco, Section President of Madrid Commercial Court
  • OU Xiuping, Former Deputy Chief Judge at IP Court of Guangdong High People's Court
  • ZHANG Yongzhong, Professor, Associate Dean at SCUT Law School, Deputy Chief Judge at Second Civil Court of Guangzhou Intermediate Court
  • XIE Huijia, Professor, Dean Assistant at SCUT Law School
  • GUAN Yonghong, Professor, Director of IP Department in SCUT
  • LIU Hanxia, Associate Professor at SCUT, Assistant Chief Procurator at Tianhe District Procuratorate in Guangzhou
  • YANG Xiongwen, Professor at SCUT Law School
  • YIN Jiguo, Associate Professor at SCUT Law School

The agenda is available here.

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