IP Key presents IP Cafe -- Discussions on Collective Rights Management in the EU and China

  • Region: China
  • Subject: Collective Rights Management
  • Organised by: IP Key
  • Location: Beijing, Renmin University
  • Date: 25 Nov 2014
  • Time: 1800 to 2000

IP Key launched IP Café - a series of open and interactive discussions on current intellectual property issues affecting the development of intellectual property Law in China.

The debates will  feature key experts from Europe and China discussing the issues that shape China’s IP laws and provide thought provoking insight into how to manage and develop them as China continuously moves from a manufacturing led to an innovation led economy. 

Collective Rights Management

At a time when the third revision of China’s copyright law is entering the final drafting process the first debate focused on Collective Rights Management.  Benoit Misonne, Team Leader of IP Key, discussed CMO's with experts from Europe and China and asks them what factors affect  the creation of  collective right management, particularly in a digital era, and what challenges Chinese Collective Management organisations (CMO’s) face.

  • Dean of Law School Renmin
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Venue: Renmin University Campus


Benoit Misonne, Team Leader- IP Key  

Prof. GUO, He,  Vice dean of the IP Academy of RUC  

Benoît Lory        Trade Section, EU Delegation to China and Mongolia   

Dr Mihaly Ficsor, Vice –President, Hungarian   Intellectual Property Office (HU)

Dr. LIU Ping, Deputy General Director of Music Copyright Society of China  

Mr. ZHANG Hongbo, General Director of China Written Works Copyright Society  




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