SIPO Accession to Designview

  • Organised by: IP Key
  • Location: Beijing, China
    Alicante, Spain
  • Tags: OHIM
  • Date: Dec 2014

The integration of design data from the State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) into OHIM's Designview database is being carried out as part of the IP Key Yearly Action Plan for 2014.

Designview is an online consultation tool that allows the user to search, free of charge, the designs of all official designs offices that are participating at the national, international and EU level. As such, it is a very useful tool for general users, including SMEs. Moreover, Designview is an exceedingly valuable tool for IP administrative and enforcement agencies as it allows both administrative officials (such as examiners) and enforcement officials (such as police, customs officers and other investigators) and judges to examine designs both at headquarters during an examination procedure, as well as in the field during a raid or other investigatory procedure. Access to current design information (both European and Chinese) allows officers to have the information necessary to detain goods and inform rights holders, easing the time constraints necessary for obtaining preliminary injunctions, and other key positive enforcement impacts.

SIPO joined Designview on the 14 September 2015


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